I’ve met a lot of cool people at Arcadia!

Picture with Mat Franco after his hilarious magic show at Arcadia University! 

Arcadia in Autumn (first visit to the school)

I’m having an amazing time at Arcadia University!

Last summer hurrah with these cuties! 

Rockaway, New York is one of my favorite places. I love collecting shells on the beach, seeing my Grandma, and taking walks on the boardwalk. 

Kerry, my Grandma’s dog. I adore her! 

Hanging out with my cousins! 


I’m giving a speech tomorrow! It’s about my life experiences. 

Topics I’m focusing on: Gender, race, homelessness, mental health, and my recovery.

Overview: As a genderqueer/black individual I’ve experienced a lot of transphobia and racism. When I came out as genderqueer to my family I was kicked out of the house, which left my homeless for a year (2010). That’s when my battle with depression and suicidal thoughts began. 

Luckily, I was able to find a safe space to nurture my road to recovery. I’m now working at an LGBT community center and at a homeless shelter. I reunited with my brother and we now have a close relationship. I’m so thankful that I continued living, even when things got tough. Things got better and they are continuing to get better! 

Thanks to caitlintheawesome for encouraging me to share my story! You helped me find the confidence to speak about my experiences. I can’t wait to give that speech tomorrow! Hopefully I can inspire someone in that audience as much as you have inspired me.

Bethim, this made me tear up!

You have overcome so many obstacles in your life. I’m so proud of you and your achievements! You are honestly one of the most compassionate, brave, and unique people I know. You inspire me everyday to keep moving forward. 

Good luck with the speech! The audience will love you. 

Bishop Allen - Chronogram Block Party in Kington, New York


"Start Again" - 0:08

Snippet of “Rain” / beach balls being thrown around - 3:53

Part of “Busted Heart” - 4:34

"Middle Management" - 5:53

Bishop Allen poster signed by Justin Rice, Darbie Nowatka, and Michael Tapper!

Me with Darbie Nowatka and Justin Rice who are members of Bishop Allen, my favorite band! 

Chronogram’s 2nd Annual Block Party in Kingston, New York!

All the rad things I got while in Kingston, New York!

Kingston, New York is such a lovely place! The people are friendly, the history is rich, and there’s an enthusiastic arts community!