Then and Now - Rockaway, Queens

They grow up so fast! 

It’s a beautiful day! 

Photos from the playground! 

Hiking selfies! 

Slytherin!Harry AU + Bonus Ravenclaw!Hermione

YES YES YES I really wish Harry was sorted into Slytherin! It would have helped break down the walls of house prejudice and it would have also made sense for Harry. Sure, Harry is brave, but he’s also cunning and he has a strong will to live. Ah, Hermione as a Ravenclaw! That would have been interesting. I’m glad Hermione was sorted into Gryffindor though. It showed that smartness and bravery are best when they walk hand in hand AND it showed that there’s more to Hermione than her academic success.

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dftbashe asked:
(dont know if you do these things but oh well) Once you get this, you have to say five nice things you like about yourself publicly, then send it to ten of your favorite followers! (this is not negotiable)

(I’m doing these things now!) Aw, this is such a sweet and positive tag.

1.) I stand up for myself and I’m open about my opinions.

2.) I’m very creative! I’m always working on some kind of creative project, like composing music, painting, or sculpting. 

3.) Being a sex education teacher is pretty cool. People are always interested when I tell them about that. 

4.) I’m curious! I love going on adventures and learning new things.

5.) I like my eyes! They are a lovely shade of green. 

who-gaveyou-reason asked:
TAG! YOU ARE IT! Put your music on shuffle, post the 10 first songs and pass it along 10 of your favourite blogs :3

1.) The Way We Move - Langhorne Slim

2.) Twin Size Mattress - The Front Bottoms

3.) Walk Like Thunder - Kimya Dawson, Aesop Rock, John Darnielle, Nikolai Fraiture

4.) Flesh And Bone - Keaton Henson

5.) Battle Cry - Angel Haze

6.) Broken Chair - Chris and Thomas

7.) Her Morning Elegance - Oren Lavie

8.) I’ll Believe In Anything - Wolf Parade

9.) How Long Must I Wait - Dr. Dog

10.) You Are the Moon - The Hush Sound

 All the purple! ☆

Summer selfies - featuring Natalie 

Trying to take selfies in the wind - Rucu Pichincha, Ecuador

(I was looking through photos and I found these beauties from November!)

No, but I’ve been there before! :)

Those pictures are from Middle Brook Trail! 

Photos from my hike!

Weekend Recap!

Friday: I went to a birthday bash and a pretend wedding! It was a beautiful poolside ceremony. We played LIFE, Hedbanz, The Game of Things, and a murder mystery game. I forgot how much fun it is to play games with friends! I should host a game night soon. 

Saturday: I went to a graduation party! We played Cards Against Humanity and Geek Out! There was also cheese fondue; naturally I ate a lot of that.

Sunday: I broke in my new hiking boots! My hike ended at a beautiful brook where I ate lunch with a friend. Then I had excellent food by the country club’s pool while watching the sunset. Food + nature is a good mix.


"high school are the best years of your life"

"your teen years are worry free"

"everything is so easy for you" 

"you aren’t living in the real world yet"


Edit: I made this post during a very rough time in my life. I needed serious help and a lot of people were telling me that everything was okay simply because I was in high school. I made the mistake of making this post vague and open to misinterpretation!

Here’s one of the responses I’ve made:

It’s not okay for an adult to trivialize a youth’s problems. They should give them empathy while also reminding them that not everything magically gets better when they leave high school. Adulthood is full of new and hard responsibilities, but that doesn’t mean other aspects of life don’t get better. Teenagers are at a turning point where they are both children and young adults; they are treated as both depending on the circumstances, which can be confusing. Please don’t tell a youth, especially one in a tough position, that everything is just going to get worse in life. That will only make them feel like all hope is lost. Give them the pros and cons of adulthood and the future; don’t just laugh at their problems.

#this is why I don’t make vague posts like this anymore.

Bicycle ride on the boardwalk!