Anne’s Kitchen Table - Great place to eat in Glenside! 

Exploring Downtown Glenside!

The beautiful vastness and complexity of space is keeping me awake! 

Philly Trip! 

Milkshakes from the diner across the street! 

I just got back from a lovely lunch date :)

We went to an Asian bistro downtown, shopped around, and got ice cream!

A lot of amazing people perform at Arcadia University. Last night Daniel Martin was here and he made my friend Matt DISAPPEAR!? Crazy.

Free Hugs! 

I’ve met a lot of cool people at Arcadia!

Picture with Mat Franco after his hilarious magic show at Arcadia University! 

Arcadia in Autumn (first visit to the school)

I’m having an amazing time at Arcadia University!

Last summer hurrah with these cuties! 

Rockaway, New York is one of my favorite places. I love collecting shells on the beach, seeing my Grandma, and taking walks on the boardwalk. 

Kerry, my Grandma’s dog. I adore her!