No, but I’ve been there before! :)

Those pictures are from Middle Brook Trail! 

Photos from my hike!

Weekend Recap!

Friday: I went to a birthday bash and a pretend wedding! It was a beautiful poolside ceremony. We played LIFE, Hedbanz, The Game of Things, and a murder mystery game. I forgot how much fun it is to play games with friends! I should host a game night soon. 

Saturday: I went to a graduation party! We played Cards Against Humanity and Geek Out! There was also cheese fondue; naturally I ate a lot of that.

Sunday: I broke in my new hiking boots! My hike ended at a beautiful brook where I ate lunch with a friend. Then I had excellent food by the country club’s pool while watching the sunset. Food + nature is a good mix.


"high school are the best years of your life"

"your teen years are worry free"

"everything is so easy for you" 

"you aren’t living in the real world yet"


Edit: I made this post during a very rough time in my life. I needed serious help and a lot of people were telling me that everything was okay simply because I was in high school. I made the mistake of making this post vague and open to misinterpretation!

Here’s one of the responses I’ve made:

It’s not okay for an adult to trivialize a youth’s problems. They should give them empathy while also reminding them that not everything magically gets better when they leave high school. Adulthood is full of new and hard responsibilities, but that doesn’t mean other aspects of life don’t get better. Teenagers are at a turning point where they are both children and young adults; they are treated as both depending on the circumstances, which can be confusing. Please don’t tell a youth, especially one in a tough position, that everything is just going to get worse in life. That will only make them feel like all hope is lost. Give them the pros and cons of adulthood and the future; don’t just laugh at their problems.

#this is why I don’t make vague posts like this anymore.

Bicycle ride on the boardwalk! 

I turned my sister into a mermaid! 

I got a "Good Luck at Arcadia" cake, how sweet is that! 

We celebrated several things the first night I was in Rockaway, like my Grandma’s birthday! My family is very efficient when we see each other. You can’t have just one cake, where’s the fun in that!? After everyone else left the following day my Grandma and I finished off the cakes, because we can’t be trusted with sweets. Our justification was that they were for us after all

Walking on the beach with the coolest Grandma and the cutest dog!

Rockaway beach is a rad place.

The Wharf, one of my favorite restaurants in Rockaway!

Located at 416 Beach 116th Street, New York, NY 11694

~Most delicious milkshakes~

Breezy Dogs Shakes & More, home of Maria’s famous milkshakes!

Beach outfits! 

Rockaway beach selfies! 

I spent a week in Rockaway having adventures! What have you cool cats been up to? 



Solar FREAKIN’ Roadways! 

It’s the roadway of the future! Solar panels that you can drive, park, and walk on. They melt snow and… cut greenhouse gases by 75-percent?!!!

Help support this project’s indiegogo campaign!

… What we currently have for road beats this out. If you don’t want to deal with snow… simply move to where it doesn’t snow. Now as for greenhouse gases? Think about this… It takes only 500 degrees Celsius to melt the blacktop(roads we currently use) while glass doesn’t melt until it hits more than three times that at 1600 degrees Celsius. That alone tells you that solar roadways aren’t as good for greenhouse gases as they let on. How do you think the glass will be melted? Electrically? Maybe, but since it’s cheaper to burn things like coal and refuse that’ll be the more likely route they take. Now how much will it cost to make them if they actually replace the roads with this? I’ll give you a hint… More than what you currently live in times 100. Where do you think the money’ll come from to pay for them? YOUR pockets and if you live in Oklahoma you’re even more fucked because now you will have to pay in addition to your subcharge that you have to pay the electric company since you’re using solar panels, but you’ll be charge by the electric company as well as the scumbags will claim “you’re using our energy so you have to pay” and those who already pay the electric company… Prepare to see how con Edison treats New Yorkers by fucking you hard up the ass with bullshit fees and taxes to make you pay at least triple the actual amount you normally would pay. Solar roadways is a very expensive joke… Simply put. Not even the most rudimentary testing was done and this was accepted at face value.

I understand what you are saying, but I still think that solar panel roadways (with proper regulations) would be better for the world in the long run.

Thank you for pointing out all of these potential problems! It’s very important to think about those things, especially when everyone else is only focusing on the positives.