Rome wasn’t built in a day, but this paper sure was.

Life goal: Learn how to play “Hedwig’s Theme” on every instrument

Hey, just read the synesthesia post you reblogged, I'd heard of it before but didn't know that much about it, but it sounds incredible and so fascinating! Does sound/colour mean you can see colours when you listen to music? Sorry if I'm coming off insensitive, I don't mean to be! I just get really interested in things! :)

Hey, it’s great that you’re interested! People ask me about my synesthesia a lot, don’t worry! I don’t mind answering questions about it. 

Yes, sound/color means that I see colors when I listen to music! This type of synesthesia is also called chromesthesia. Different sounds evoke different colors. Pitch, octave, volume, and scale affect the intensity of the colors. These sound/color relationships are automatic and involuntary, which means they are the same every time I hear/see them. For example, c-minor is an orange/red color (like a sunset). Music isn’t the only sound that evokes colors! People’s voices also have colors. 


I’m writing HTML codes in the library and I’m pretty sure the person behind me thinks I’m some kind of cyberpunk hacker 

Figuring Out Ferguson: Town Hall Discussion/Vigil 

Arcadia University had a discussion about Michael Brown and Ferguson, MO. The panelists made great points and responded to important perspectives about racism and violence in our culture.

After the panel session we talked in small groups. We brainstormed ideas to help change racist attitudes. There was also a discussion on twitter! #FiguringOutFerguson

The discussion was followed by a vigil for victims of racial violence. I’m so glad that there are events like this at my school and in my area! It’s good to see that my community is active, educated, and interested about these issues. I can’t wait to attend another event like this! 

Slut Walk in Philadelphia! 

A lot of awful things have happened in the YouTube community, but at least there’s a healthy dialogue surrounding the issues.

The Asia Project (Asia Samson & Jollan Aurelio) performed at Arcadia University! There was a small crowd, which made for an intimate experience. The room was full of emotion. There was laughing, crying, cheering, and smiling throughout the show.

It was some of the most beautiful spoken word poetry I’ve ever heard! I related closely with Asia Samson’s poetry and I got to speak to him after the show. I’m glad that Arcadia’s Student Programming Board brought The Asia Project to campus! 

The Asia Project has a Kickstarter for their 3rd album “Touch”

Please check it out! They really deserve support. 

Parade of Chariots in Philadelphia! 

I’m addicted to salted caramel ice cream!  

Dreams Ice Cream Factory - The best ice cream in Glenside, PA

33 E Glenside Ave, Glenside, PA 19038

(They have discounts for Arcadia students!) 

The Nest is an antique store in Glenside, PA. It’s full of little treasures!

29 E Glenside Ave, Glenside, Pennsylvania

The Franklin Institute - The Franklin Air Show  

We pretended to be pilots! 

The Franklin Institute - Space Command 

The Franklin Institute - Your Brain Exhibit (Part 2)